I am a coach, trainer, speaker,

and author dedicated to helping you win in your business and in your life.

I’m really a shy, country boy from West Texas who grew up in a mobile home on a small farm with my parents, younger sister, an adopted stray dog named Chiquita, a few chickens and pigs, and my uncle’s cows. As a kid, I was so shy…I would way rather talk to our farm animals, than to people. So all this video stuff and speaking you see me doing today...was way, way, way outside my comfort zone.

From being dead broke and sleeping on an air mattress to building a successful coaching company and becoming the #1 bestselling author of “The Book of YES: The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Conversation Guide," I am living proof that anything is possible when you have the courage to fight for your dreams.

Today I have the privilege of doing what I love most as founder of YESMasters Real Estate Success Training, one of the fastest growing and most comprehensive training programs for real estate agents in the world.

I have had the opportunity to train tens of thousands of real estate agents and have my YouTube videos watched by tens of thousands of real estate agents every week. My videos are not polished or perfect. They're just me giving you the best stuff I've learned from my own experience... practical, real-world strategies without the B.S.

When I started selling real estate back in the "1900's," I had just moved from a small town to the DFW Metroplex with no savings, no connections, and with no previous real estate or sales experience. I had never even owned my own house! I was terrified, and determined…and so I jumped into real estate with both feet.

The first time I knocked on a FSBO’s door, he yelled at me to “get the f**k off my porch!” I was so traumatized I wouldn’t knock on another door for over a year.” In spite of his “near-death” For-Sale-by-Owner experience, I kept on prospecting (mostly by phone) and by his my year, I was selling over 100 homes a year. Oh...and then came the divorce and the personal crash...and then having to start over. Yeah...that's the real me. I used to be afraid that my failures would disqualify me from being able to be a great coach and leader. The reality is that my failures have also been my greatest teachers and inspiration. (So...yes...there is hope for all of us!)

My secret dream is to be a hero. But since I haven't discovered any secret super powers (yet)...I just have had to do it the hard finding great coaches and mentors, and and learning and training myself to become the best in the world at what I do.

My real passion is helping agents create the lifestyle they want. I believe most of us did not get into real estate just to sell a lot of houses. We got into real estate to have a LIFE. We all believed at some level that having our own real estate business would give us greater control over our time and our income and ultimately more control over our lives. My commitment is to help you realize that goal. Look, if you’re selling a ton of houses, but your working 24/7 and never able to take a real vacation…or you’re missing all your kid’s soccer games…that sucks. That’s not real success for most people.


So I launched YesMasters Real Estate Success Training in 2012, not only to provide you with the highest quality training, but also to create a movement of real estate professionals with heart who are committed to a “No-BS approach” to real estate, and to getting more YES’s and more successes in your business…AND IN YOUR LIFE.

If you want more of that in your life...I have tons of resources to help you. To get my latest weekly training videos for free, simply CLICK HERE and join me on the journey. You can also download some of my most powerful real estate scripts for free HERE. And you can watch a ton of great training videos on my YouTube Channel.

If you are ready to "GO PRO" and want to become one of the best...yes, I have deep-dive online training courses, live events, and coaching programs where you can train personally with me (yes, you get me personally) to help you become a master of getting people to say "yes" to you.

My passion is your success, and I'm excited to invite you to join me on this journey to living into your greatness. It's your time. Let's do this.